Getting a couple in

Well now, Sue is beginning to show off a little. Two posts on the trot 🙂 . I like the pictures in the Shelby post, and the little booklet containing pictures of work, she wasn’t able to use with items on Etsy (we’re only allowed 5).

I told her the little booklet thing would look good. Now, I’m in two minds about what to do with the booklet thingy. I would like to use it to show additional pictures of all new items posted on Esty or in other shops but, using it that often may be working it to death. Alternatively we could have a separate page where all the books could be displayed (not yet sure how that would work). What do you think? Any feedback welcome, leave us a comment.

Meanwhile, Sue is busy creating and I hope, will post again soon. Sue also has a little piece to do for an online magazine – an article on how to make a simple dress, like the ones on sale at our online shop or our Etsy store.  It may be a good article to post here, let’s wait and see

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