Technical Update(2)

Techie stuff

So this blog is supposed, in part, to chart our progress in establishing a web presence.   Sue, notice the term “our 😮 ; your most recent post refers to I and me – yes, what about me ;-(

Anyway, for those who are interested  , here’s a recap of what I’ve done to try and raise the profile of our little corner of the web.

  1. Using a widget, included feedback from our customers.
  2. Using the text widget and some code, added a live traffic feed.  Thought this might be interesting to our visitors, let them see who else comes here.  It also establishes another link to the blog. (outbound link)
  3. Listed the blog with a few directories; using the text widget and some code added links to the directories (I know, another outbound link)
  4. Added an e-mail subscription option so people can be notified when the blog has been updated.
  5. Added the Sexy Bookmarks widget, which enables visitors to share our posts on various social networks.

If you can think of other things we can do to raise awareness of our blog please leave us a comment.  🙂

P.S I’m looking at including Adsense.

P.P.S What’s with the poem and where did that come from?

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