A Series Of Assemblage Art Dresses

I missed the Monday post and didn’t get Wordless Wednesday sorted.  Where have I been all week?

Well, Tom planned a trek up Moel Hebog for Monday but again, due to the weather we decided to do a low level walk nearer home. One day soon we’ll bag Moel Hebog.  Monday’s walk was a 6 mile circular 6 mile root in the North East corner of Anglesey, taking in Point Lynas , the coast to Amlwch and ranging across the fields to Mynydd Eilian.

Circular walk from Porth Eilian to Amlwch and Mynydd Eilian.

The weather held out and we had a great afternoon.  I’ve not been to this part of Anglesey before and the scenery is quite different to where we live in Trearddur Bay.

On Mynydd Eilian looking toward Point Lynas.
On Mynydd Eilian looking toward Amlwch.

All this walking is wearing me out 😉 but its great to get outdoors when the weather is nice. But, when I’m in I can’t stop making my dresses and, over the past few days I got a little carried away.

Tom says it looks like I’m launching a new collection.

After visiting Anglesey Allsorts I came away with some exquisite white cotton vintage handkerchiefs, love them, the detail and that small square shape has inspired these dresses.

I’ve let the little cotton squares talk for them selves and just embroidered a simple word on the dresses.

I love natural fabrics and delicate neutral tones but at the same time I love colour but use it very sparingly in my work, I like to see certain soft tones react together and then bring in a touch of colour to set every thing off.

I’m off to Bangor today with my girls and I want to visit a gorgeous little shop there that sell exquisite hand made Indian paper, it’s pricey but worth it.  I want to add splashes of bright colours under some of the dresses which will be neutral, plus I want to play with paper a bit more combining the two mediums together.

If you would like to purchase either of these pieces, please visit Our Etsy Shop for further details.

To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at info@messiejessie.co.uk.

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