An Invite for Alice – Assemblage Art

I got a few more tins the other weekend so its nice to be using them again. Measuring 8cm long, 6cm wide, this one has been used to house a small  corset made from paper and fabric – An Invite for Alice.

A vintage tin art assemblage
A vintage tin art assemblage.

I’m looking for a couple of special tins for a commission I have but I’ve not found them yet.

A mini corset.
A mini corset.

I imagine this one as an invitation from the Mad Hatter to Alice to come and join his infamous tea party. I wanted it to look fun and appeal to the young at heart.

It has a mini teacup and small birds at the waist.
It has a mini teacup and small birds at the waist.

It’s got a little ceramic cup hanging from the corset along with a couple of birds. I like the mismatch of beads as I cam imagine the Mad Hatter’s tea party being very mismatched.

I've used mismatched beads.
I’ve used mismatched beads.

So there you have her, a small three dimensional corset inspired by “Alice In Wonderland”. Constructed from book papers, it is tiny with lots of intricate detail such as a beautiful pale blue colored ribbon edging around the bottom of the corset. A ruffle of white net also along the bottom. The colours and the beads of the piece reflect the mad hatters tea party, a small ceramic cup hangs from the corset as well as some little birds and some brightly coloured beads. On the front of the vintage tin is an invitation to Alice.

An invitation for Alice
An invitation for Alice

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  1. Thank you ladies

    Hi Jamie, thanks for poppin by.

  2. I really love those tins! I’m kind of digging miniature things lately. Cheers!

  3. Oh oow, this is so sweet, love the tiny tea cup and the bird hanging, I adore it, thanks for always inspiring me every time I visit have a fabulous week…

  4. Such a delight. I would jump for joy if someone gave me this as a present!

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