Art Assemblage – Another Moth Inspired by(Walter De La Mare)

Last week(just checked Etsy and it waS two weeks ago, don’t time fly) I put one of my little dresses into a tin box and was very pleased with the result. I liked that tin,so much so, I found it a spot on the book case in our lounge where I could look at it now and again.

The Moth
The Moth

 I hoped I might be able to hang on to it for a while but still listed it on Etsy. I shouldn’t say it but, darn if it didn’t sell straight away. Its now living in the Antipodes.

The Moth
The Moth

 Never mind I thought, I’ve got an old cigar box around here somewhere, I’ll make another one. And so I did. Well, I completed that on Wednesday night and listed it on Etsy that same evening. To my complete surprise and delight this one has also been snapped up immediately.

I hope to get around to making some more soon.  Hope you like the gallery.

Normally I post about my pieces within 24hrs of listing them on Etsy, so that people visiting my Etsy shop can come and see some additional images.  Unfortunately these last two pieces sold before I could do that. If you would like to be kept up to date on my Etsy listings without waiting for blog posts or visiting Etsy, you could follow my Facebook page at , this is linked to my Etsy shop and updates whenever I list anything new.

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2 Replies to “Art Assemblage – Another Moth Inspired by(Walter De La Mare)”

  1. Its just beautiful Sue… so much so it flew away before I had a chance to be tempted.
    Have a great weekend!
    Susan x

  2. Betsy Dockhorn says:

    I love The Moths.
    xx Betsy

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