Art Assemblage Story Tin – Wuthering Heights

Assemblage Art Tin
Assemblage Art Tin.

An assemblage art tin, which I made a few days ago and listed on Etsy.

Assemblage Art
Cathy’s journal.

I love this quote from the book Wuthering Heights by Cathy, to me they really capture her character.

“I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free………Why am I so changed?

I’m sure I should be myself were I once among the heathers on the hills.”

What I’ve done is captured her words and put them as Cathy’s musings in her journal. Secretive in a tin including a key as they are her thoughts only.

Its been lovely weather here over the past few weeks and yesterday was the hottest day so far, I even got Tom to go swimming . Add to that a poor internet connection and you might understand why I’m not posting so regularly at the moment.

Today looks like another beach day 🙂  I hope the weather is good wherever you are, have a great weekend.

If you would like to purchase any of my work, please visit my My Etsy Shop. My Etsy shop also has several other art dress assemblages for sale, I hope you enjoy viewing them. If you have any queries about this piece or any of the other pieces in my Etsy shop or, would like further information about Messie Jessie, please feel free to contact me via a “convo” through my Etsy shop or via e-mail at .

To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at

3 Replies to “Art Assemblage Story Tin – Wuthering Heights”

  1. This tin is so precious, gorgeous, every page is beautiful with all your lovely embroidery, laces, stitches, beautiful embellishments, it’s a gorgeous piece of art, thanks for sharing..

  2. Thanks Sarah! And, Thanks for tweeting her.

  3. Wuthering Heights is delightful. I adore your tins!

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