Art Doll Wire and Paper Sculpture – Snowflake

It’s been time to get back to work, I’m afraid I haven’t done much over the last month, I think becoming a grandma has something to do with it, I can’t get enough of him.


This piece has been inspired by the ballet “The Nutcracker”. She is playing the part of one of the snowflakes. I’ve kept her very simple concentrating on the gesture of the pose, I’m passionate about very quick gesture drawings from life. I love the fluidity and movement of line, line being a visual language. I can spend all day doing this style of drawing, I’m thinking of bringing some drawings/paintings of figures to my Etsy shop, not sure how they would marry with my 3 dimensional work but we will see.


A ballerina.
A ballerina.

With this piece I’ve shaped her legs, especially her calf’s and feet, her legs are also very long giving her a bird like feel. Keeping her simple I hope gives her an enigmatic feel. I hope you all like her.

From the Nutcracker.
From the Nutcracker.

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  1. She’s beautiful Sue.
    Congrats on that new grandbaby.
    Susan x

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