Art Dress Assemblage – A Stolen Moment (3)

“The moon is an arrant thief,
And her pale fire she snatches from the sun”

Art Dress Assemblage – A Stolen Moment

A favourite quote from a Shakespeare play which makes me think of moonlight streaming through windows, illuminating scenes not intended for you and I, an instance frozen in time in which only dust motes can betray the stillness, what happens when no one is there? “A Stolen Moment” is a theme which runs through several of my pieces and a title I feel will always recur.

Art Dress Assemblage – A Stolen Moment

I was given the material used here by a very good friend, she is very aware of my love of material and magpie hoarding instincts. It’s a beautiful pale peachy salmon and I spent some time looking forward to making something with it. I wanted to
keep this piece simple with the background reminiscent of a time gone by, the stunning colour of the dress taking centre stage, glowing in the moonlight which floods in through a window. For me the scene conjures up imaginary memories of when the dress was last worn, who wore it and where did she go.

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The pieces I make are frequently influenced by the materials I have to hand; their texture, pattern, weave and colour really do guide me. Looking back on some of my pieces this is quite clear to me, “The Princes and the Pea” being a good example. I had ideas about how I wanted her to look but, the material I had at the time did not fit, that’s why it took me so long get her finished.

I’ve been looking in my scraps of late with “Rapunzel” at the back of my mind. I think I may have spotted something, an idea is forming and it maybe that I get her started this weekend.

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