Art Dress Assemblage – What Katy Did (2)

Art Dress Assemblage – What Katy Did (2)

Like Susan Coolidge wrote more than one novel about Katy, I’ve made more than one dress based on the original novel. 

Art Dress Assemblage - What Katy Did (2)

This is the second but, unlike Susan Coolidge, I didn’t want to call it What Katy Did Next.  Why? Because I’ve caught a Katy bug and I’m working on another.  This one may not be the last in this mini series so, if I were to name each dress after one of the Katy novels I’d eventually run out of names.

To findout more about the author – Susan M. Coolidge and the novel, try these Wikipedia pages – the author or the novel . If you would like to read the novel, it is avilable free and in several different formats, here at the wonderful Project Gutenberg. If you’ve lost your copy of the novel and would like to buy it again, then you can always try Amazon What Katy Did (Wordsworth Children’s Classics)

As usual the dress is available in my Etsy Store . If you like the bunting used in the photographs, it was made by my daughter and is also available on Etsy.


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