Assemblage and Book Sculpture – who is your favourite character

Thanks to everybody for the positive feedback about my work over the past few months.  The little assemblage dresses are great fun to make and I’m so glad you like them.


Many of my recent pieces have been larger scale, inspired by characters from famous novels and books, and created from the pages of the books themselves.  I now find myself spending more and more time in charity shops, trying to track down old volumes of the classic novels and books about well known female figures.

The Source Material

There are many many famous female characters to be found in novels, plays and operas; plenty to keep me going for some time.  I have my own favourites and hope to get round to doing a few more assemblages based upon them.  Her are jus a few;;

Charlotte Bronte's heroine (played by Joan Fontaine) "Jane Eyre"
"Scarlett O'Hara" (played by Vivien Leigh) from Gone With the Wind
"Mary Yellan" (played by Maureen O'Hara) in the 1939 Hitchcock version of Jamica Inn
"Cathy" or "CatherineErnshaw" from Wuthering Heights (here played by Charlotte Riley), a novel by the other Bronte sister - Emily
"Lorna Doone" (Amelia Warner) from the novel of the same name , by Richard Doddridge Blackmore

I’m curious to know, who are yours?  Leave a comment naming your favourite female character.

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4 Replies to “Assemblage and Book Sculpture – who is your favourite character”

  1. Yes, I’ve been wanting to do Jane Eyre for ages but not sure how I will tackle it. I also love the idea of Gigi.

  2. I would say Jane Eyre, Gigi by french autor Colette and Jerusha in Daddy Long legs by Jean Webster.

  3. Hi Linda,

    I hadn’t thought of Jo. Great!! She was feisty and ahead of her time. Thinking about it, all the sisters were characters of note.

  4. Scarlett O’Hara!!! Also… Jo from “Little Women”…

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