Assemblage Art Vintage Tin – Catherine

No extra images on this occasion, just wanted to get her listed on Etsy as the shop is looking a little empty.

Embroidered on the front of the tin is the title of the novel.

This is a  small vintage tin with the front  covered in pieces of book papers taken from the book “Wuthering Heights”. The title and author of the book has been embroidered on the front of the tin.

Inside the tin is a quote from the novel.

On the inside of the tin is the quote “He’s more myself than I am, whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

Pale duck egg blue linen, silk and cottons make up Catherine's dress.

On the other side is Catherine’s dress made from book papers from the book and a pale duck egg blue linen, silk and cottons which form the skirt.

Vintage Tin Art Dress Assemblage - Catherine

Cathy is known for being a free spirit, loving the moors. The dress has been made to look as if it were unkempt form being worn out on the moors.

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