Assemblage Art Vintage Tin – Little Red Riding Hood

An assemblage in a small vintage tin, which is 9 cm long,8.5cm wide – Little Red Riding Hood.

Vintage Tin Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood.

On the inside of the tin is a large face of a white wolf with bright blue eyes which has been painted using acrylics. On the other side of the tin is a little rag book made from antique white cotton. The front of the book has a small pocket with a small antique cotton button. The pocket holds a small red venetian glass heart.

Vintage Tin Red Riding Hood
A vintage tin.

There are four double pages in the book each with red embroidered writing and lots of small added detail.

“Good day, Little Red Riding Hood.”
Said he.

“Thank you kindly, Wolf,”

“Wither away so early, Little Red Riding Hood?”

“To my Grandmothers.”

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  1. Sue this tin is a brilliant creation, so many mediums, love the painting of the wolf, and lovely hand stitching on the letters, its beautiful thanks ans hope you and Tom have a wonderful weekend full of fun and love..

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