Assemblage – The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess

Latest addition to the Etsy shop, is this assemblage comprised of a wire an papier mache figurine accompanied by a cast metal swan on the stage of a mock theater.

The Swan Princess

Inspired by the mythical creature of many tales and legends, who shape-shifts from human form to swan form, this piece owes its origins to the story of the Swan Maiden.  Folktales usually adhere to the following basic plot. A young, unmarried man steals a magic robe made of swan feathers from a swan maiden so that she will not fly away, and winds up marrying her.

To find out more about the fairy tale, try these Wikipedia pages -the fairy tale. If you would like to read the fairy tale, you’ll find it along with other fairy tales, freely available in Kindle format and many more, here at the wonderful Project Gutenberg . If you’ve lost your copy of the fairy tale and want to replace it or would like to buy a hard copy, try this list at Amazon The Swan Maiden

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