Assemblage altered book Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson by MesssieJessie

62.00 GBP

Assemblage Art Thumbelina made from Paper and Fabric with hard backed book cover background.

Small 25 cm high, 21 cm wide, 17 cm depth, altered book theatre, The Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson.

Hans Christian Anderson rises out of the page in this altered book assemblage inspired from a tale of generations past, Thumbelina.

A small three dimensional book assemblage comprising a backdrop of the book. The story comes to life with three small birds captivated by Thumbelina and her kindness. Thumbelina is made from papier mache, her dress is made from beautiful cotton vintage handkerchiefs.

“The swallow rose in the air and flew over forest and over sea—high above the highest mountains, covered with eternal snow. Thumbelina would have been frozen in the cold air, but she crept under the bird’s warm feathers, keeping her little head uncovered, so that she might admire the beautiful lands over which they passed. At length they reached the warm countries, where the sun shines brightly and the sky seems so much higher above the earth.”
— “Thumbelina”

Lovingly and carefully packaged.