Another Pea for another Princess

The Princess and the Pea moves closer to completion, with a comfortable (or uncomfortable) bed ready for her to sleep on. The princess herself, is just having her hair done and will be along shortly. Meanwhile, we had a great trip to the Lake District. We got in a couple of lovely walks, some nice […]

Etsy News: Sell On Etsy App

The current version of the Etsy app for Android will be the last that supports seller functionality. Etsy have released an updated version of the app last week. The Sell on Etsy app for Android has all the seller functionality currently available in the Etsy app and more. We’ve recently bought a tablet PC (I […]

Gathering Assemblage Materials

Popped into our local boot sale today and found some lovely fabric treasures for my future assemblage projects. Found them in my favourite stall (its a beautiful shop, full of all sorts in a container, I love it. Check it out here). Not sure what sort of assemblage dress or piece they’ll end up as […]