Pussy Willow

I love the start of every season when everything starts to change, and spring is no exception, there is nothing better when you start to see everything waking up and bursts of colour starting to appear. Just a few pics to share from a walk I went on last week. I love Pussy Willow, it […]

Georgia Ruth

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Georgia Ruth’s music by Tom’s brother Dewi. She’s a young welsh folk singer from Aberystwyth, West Wales. She is a singer, songwriter and harpist with a beautiful haunting voice. She has an album out “Week of Pines” and I love it I can listen to it none […]

Earn with Etsy

Earn With Etsy Want to earn with Etsy? What does it take to earn with Etsy? When Sue and I first started this blog our intention was to share with you our journey along the road to earning with Etsy. In the early days, though we did try to share some of our experiences, we […]

No Assemblage Today

When I arrived home today I found Sue busy working on a new piece or so I thought. When I asked what it was going to be, she told me it wasn’t anything in particular more an exercise to get her juices flowing. Whatever it turns out to be it looks quite beautiful. That leaves […]