I’m Going To The Ballet

I meant to go and see a ballet earlier this year, the plan was to catch a show in Liverpool. Unfortunately, other commitments got in the way and I never got the opportunity. But, I’m really looking forward to this coming weekend, as my mum, my two daughters and myself are off to see the […]

Dr Zhivago

It’s been a busy crazy summer, I’m so looking forward to life slowing down a touch and winter coming on. Then I’ll be able to hide away in my little work room (of sorts), with my favourite music and work away to my hearts content. I want to work on another intricate piece, similar to […]

Freshers Flu

Seems all manner of things are trying to stop us posting regularly, we’ve missed another two post this week 🙁 This time I’m blaming the two T’s in the family, the eldest and the youngest – Tom & Tabby. They both attend college on a regular basis (Tom as an employee and Tabby as a […]