Changing Rooms

I love Rachel Ashwells style, this is just straight out of a fairy story

I’m decorating my youngest daughters bedroom at the moment, we’ve done a swap.  She wants shabby chic, so straight away I thought of Rachel Ashwell, absolutly love her style, I just  moon over her images, (sigh).

Another Era, Image From Rachel Ashwell
Rachel Ashwell

We live by the sea, so wanted a fesh airy feel to what is an attic bedroom.  This had me looking at some lovely cool blues, not unlike some I used in a recent collage I’ve been working on.

Dont' think I'll get tired of this shade of blue
And more
And more, until!

Anyway, we’ve been rummaging around and found some old side tables in a second hand shop.  I’m made up with them.

Old side table
Old side table and bedside cabinet

More pictures later and, more of my own artwork too.

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  1. I love it too – the first picture is like a dream come true – gorgeous…
    Still LOVE the tiny purple hearts that follow me around on the page – where did you get it 🙂 Have a great day sweets,

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