Cinderella? Book Sculpture

art dress assemblage 08
I’ve got hold of an old dolls house.

I mentioned a while back that I had acquired parts of a broken dolls house. Well, I’m made up as I’ve started to work with it and am quite excited. For inspiration I’m looking at Tim Walker (fashion photographer), I blogged about him about a week ago and love his images. I’m also looking at the fairy tale Cinderella. She has many different titles and is a story that is told in lots of cultures.

art dress assemblage
Fire place made of plaster.

 The more intricate pieces I’ve made – “Princess And The Pea” and “Sleeping Beauty” stand on their own but, this time I wanted a back drop hence the dolls house parts. So, I’ve brought the little book theaters I do and the free standing sculptures together. A lot of work, it won’t be ready for a couple of weeks as I have to work on other little pieces in-between, but I wanted to share what I’d done so far.

art dress assemblage
I love the way it looks derelict.
art dress assemblage
Its kind of like designing a mini stage set.

The fire place I’m using has a very old tired broken look about it, which I love and is made of plaster, as if it’s got its own long history and a story to tell. I’ve also used a bay window from the doll’s house and added it to the book. I’m adding a chandelier and using a LED light so that the whole piece lights up but in a subtle way. I want the look of a theatre set. I like my work to have the feel of the past as if you’re looking at a scene that happened many many years before. Cinderella at the moment is in a pose were she is looking at her glass slipper, I’m not sure if I’ll keep her in that pose yet, I’ll see.

art dress assemblage
Cinderella contemplating her glass slippers?

 I guess Rapunzel is on the back burner again.

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4 Replies to “Cinderella? Book Sculpture”

  1. I’ve enjoyed making this piece. Finding the doll’s house pieces was great. Its on hold at the moment, I need to order some extra bits to finish it off but the internet is playing up.

  2. Love it Sue… can hardly wait to see it.
    Rapunzel will have more time to grow her hair…
    Have a great week.
    Susan x

  3. Oh my dear Sue this is so freaking fantastic, I’m in love with it already it’s looking FANTASTIC thanks for sharing your progress.. Have a wonderful weekend..

  4. it’s difficult for me to leave a comment in English, but I like your world……….. it’s like a fairy world…….thanks for all these beauties!

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