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Messie Jessie 02

Some time ago, Sue took photos of some of the collages she had made and imported them into Photoshop.  I don’t remeber the exact reason she did this nor what she did with the results.  But, yesterday I came accorss a folder on the PC and, lo and behold it contained the Photoshop images she had created from the photos of her collage work.  Sue is not sure what to do with these images;  I’m sure some could be printed and used to make cards(they look quite good on photo paper), notelettes, prints or used in conjunction with other work.  Anyway, after some discussion I convinced Sue the images were worth showing and even sharing.  So, we agreed that I should make them available via the blog, for you to download and use as you like.  Of course we would ask that you do not sell them and if you do use them, you give credit to Sue and link back to this blog.

So, watch this space.  In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be creating the gallery and adding a new link .

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