I have a couple of commissions on the go but this weekend they’ve taken a back seat as Tom commandeered all the computers in the house (more on that later). I currently have commissions for a piece as a wedding anniversary gift and for a piece for someone who just likes what I do.

Commissioned – a keepsake for a newborn.

Some artists are not keen on commissions; they feel constricted by the boundaries of others, they find it totally different to selling a finished piece at a show, at a gallery, or out of their studio. Selling a completed work of art is an event; producing a work of art on commission for another party is a relationship. Yet others feel it “violates their artistic integrity.”

Commissioned – for the love of it.

Me? I think its quite something to get commissions (especially as a present or gift for a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary ). Yes the piece may not be wholly my own but, I get a great boost when someone contacts me and says they or someone they know likes my style and, to my way of thinking, wants me to overlay my thoughts and ideas over theirs (well, that’s the way I see it).

Remember this? Its spawned a few ideas.

So, what are the commissions? Well I’m not going to give away too much about the first one, after all, it being for a wedding anniversary I wouldn’t want accidentally spoil the surprise (I don’t know that the intended recipient is not a visitor to the blog). Enough to say that it will be celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary. Come to think of it, I may have been asked to create a piece for a wedding anniversary on a previous occasion.

What metal is associated with the 10th wedding anniversary.

The second commission? Ah, here I’ve suffered a little set back, little being the operative word. For this commission I ordered a vintage book off Amazon and when it arrived I realised I hadn’t done my homework properly – it is too small for the piece I want to make. Never mind, I’ll just look a little more carefully before ordering the next one.

Techie stuff
Back online

What has Tom been doing? Well on Friday he noticed the email inbox of was full of emails entitled “failed delivery”. It would appear our email account had been hijacked and used to spam goodness knows how many people. After contacting our web host he was advised to scan all our PC’s for viruses and to change the password for So, that was that, nobody was to touch any of the PC’s in the house whilst he scanned them all. He reckoned that we were “clean” and told us he only got the “false positives” he expected (what on earth are false positives). He’s changed the password now and the emails have stopped appearing in our inbox, except for one, which he reckons will stop today.

All now seems to have been sorted and I can get on with ordering another book from Amazon and researching some lyrics for the wedding anniversary


If you’ve received some nonsense emails from us recently please accept our apologies and, if you are still getting them, please let us know.

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  1. I’m not sure the lady would like her hubby to tear up her wedding dress 😉 But you never know.
    There’s an idea in there somewhere Dianne.
    Happy tearing.

  2. Well dear your commission work sound wonderful, wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a piece of the wedding dress. Can’t wait to see it and the tins are gorgeous. I’ve been tearing book pages to try and start my dresses. Thanks for all the inspiration..

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