Craft Fair Time is Comin

craft fairs
Craft fairs are upon us.

The craft fair season will be upon us again soon and though I haven’t sold at one for a couple of years I do remember them fondly. At that time I was selling journals decorated with collages, take a look at an early blog post to see a few. I also sold these wholesale to shops but, as one kind shop owner pointed out, the time involved and the return I got meant I was giving my art away. She told me I would be better off selling my collages as individual pieces of art rather than using them to decorate journals. That was when I decided to try my hand at Etsy, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I made some mistakes when I first started going to the occasional craft fair and thought I might share with you some ideas/tips I’ve come across since.

  • Check what craft fair is taking place, when, where and does it tie in with what you do.
  • Book your place early.
  • You think it might not sell. Think again, it might be just what that potential customer was looking for.
  • Make the most of the space you have. Use tables, chairs, stands, drapes, tablecloths anything to make a visually appealing display. Set it up at home before you go so you don’t waste time designing it on the day.
  • Don’t just set out your product, use cards or other signage and business cards to inform about your product and brand. Some people are too reserved to ask, it may prompt others.
  • Lighting needs to be good, colours and textures should be accurately shown. Take extra power strip, Extension Cords, and Lights.
  • Get a folding trolley, move heavy things more easily and move things faster.
  • Better safe than sorry. Ties, safety pins, scissors, tape, string both you and your neighbour may need to carry out some running repairs.
  • Cash. Don’t miss a sale because someone doesn’t have correct change.
  • Business License or Permit. Check to see what is required.
  • They’ve bought it, how do they get it home? Bags, boxes or maybe gift wrap options to keep customers coming back for more.
  • Somewhere to keep your cash safe.
  • Pens. To write down the details of that custom order and names and addresses.
  • First aid kit. Keep it simple wet wipes, lip balm, aspirin, band aids, lotion or sunscreen.
  • Take water & snacks
  • Take a chair
  • Take some of your craft Supplies. Keep working, makes more product and piques the interest of potential customers.
  • Don’t get a chill or a draught; take a few extra layers to keep warm and a hat for shade.

I’m not sure if I’ll go out on the road this year but, if you do I hope you have a great time.

If you’ve got some extra tips leave a comment below. Also I’d love to hear about your favourite craft fair or one where you will selling at during the coming year.

To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at

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  1. Those are some wonderful and helpful hints for people selling. I don’t no one would want my work:):). We don’t have well any craft fairs in our town maybe Toronto so I don’t get to see any. I get to get when I visit my DS in England, anyway thanks for being such a sharing spirit. Hope you and Tom are having a wonderful weekend

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