Dress For A “Mid-Summer’s Night Dream” – Art Dress

I’ve made a dress with a similar title before but, this one is a slightly bigger, has a different underskirt and more beading.

Dress For A "Mid-Summer's Night Dream"

Now I think about it, this dress is similar mostly due to the colour.

Dress For A "Mid-Summer's Night Dream"

She is 18cm long, 23cm wide. Tailored and stitched together from old pleated book pages, and fabric remnants. Differing colored decorative glass and enameled beads glint and sparkle at the waist and bodice. A dreamy dress ready for a moon lit midnight ball.

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  1. Just so beautiful… the taupe resembles the shade of a young fawn. New to this earth, an arrival of Spring.
    Too much temptation here!
    Susan x

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