Earn with Etsy

Earn With Etsy

Want to earn with Etsy? What does it take to earn with Etsy?


When Sue and I first started this blog our intention was to share with you our journey along the road to earning with Etsy. In the early days, though we did try to share some of our experiences, we soon realized we needed to focus on getting Sue’s work noticed; without this we’d have no sales and no experiences to share.

We reasoned the first thing we needed to do was connect – that this blog should help people get to know us better and understand what influenced Sue’s work. So, whilst we still posted images of Sue’s work and tried to explain who and what influenced her, we also included posts about days out and various other things.

We’ve run a small Etsy shop for three years now and from it we’re able to earn a small but steady income. So now is maybe the time to share with you, some of our experiences and ideas on how to earn with Etsy.

The first thing that comes to mind is what are you going to sell? You’ve an idea to make something that nobody else has. Think again. Most things you can think of can be found on Etsy. Even listing something new and innovative ain’t going to work. At the end of the day what will really start you earning is hard work and determination.

Action will out do the best design. No matter how great your design, you WILL fail if you do nothing; and we know that becoming a successful Etsy earner…

… getting all the views

… getting loads of favourites and followers

… and getting sales, takes a whole lot of action.

As well as creating you are going to need to spend time marketing.


Other things to think about on your journey to earning on Etsy.

You can buy books and courses about earning on Etsy. But I doubt little of what they contain can’t be found free within Etsy and its community. Before you do decide to purchase an “Etsy how to” try searching the Etsy forum for an answer to your question. The best way learn how to earn on Etsy is to get online and do it. Join Etsy, setup a shop, talk to other Etsy sellers, read the Etsy Seller Handbook. We learned more from the Etsy community than any other source. Experiential learning tends to stick.

“When you create art, the world has to wait.”

art dress 001
Whilst you may “learn by doing” don’t rush the process. Don’t open up your Etsy shop and put up the first thing you can make. Be prepared, take your time, work on your designs, and ensure the quality of your work, this is what is going to get you noticed. Without quality work your unique designs and your shop will disappear in the thousands of other shops to be found on Etsy.

Though it may be true shops with large inventories tend to get more traffic…, your aim should be to focus on the quality of the items in your inventory. Rush it and you’ll just be putting up work that nobody wants to buy and could harm your popularity. If you don’t feel your design is ready, take the time to make it better (but don’t use that as an excuse to procrastinate).


“Your life will become better by making other lives better.”


To become a successful Etsy earner, you need to focus on providing value to your customers. Think about their wants and needs then figure out how you can present your designs or adapt them to what your customers want.

Once you get established and gain experience and knowledge of what works to get you noticed, don’t be afraid to share it with others. Sharing exposes you to more people which in turn will bring more traffic to your Etsy shop. Its good to share!


“99% is the same as zero. If you are gonna do 99, go ahead and stay home.”



If you’re not going to give your Etsy shop your all, you may as well try something else. As an Etsy earner you’ll always have something to do; especially when it comes to getting noticed. There will always be designs to work on, listings to update, convos or emails to reply to and hopefully bought items that need shipping.

The effort to get noticed never stops, if you want to make it as a regular Etsy earner you need to give it 110%.


“Don’t compare yourself to others, that’s when you start to lose confidence in yourself.”

This is one of the worst things you could do, especially when you’re first getting started. We remember being very excited about our new Etsy shop and how anxious we got about not getting noticed in the first few weeks.

Looking at other Etsy shops we marveled at the monthly viewing figures, making us feel quite despondent. We all have to start out somewhere and a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. When you start to get your first views and sales, make a note of what you think made it happen and do it again. If it works – great, if not, try a different strategy but don’t give up. You’ll find that what works for one Etsy shop may not work for another. We’ve tried many different ways and now, three years later, we know what works for us. But, be aware, Etsy regularly moves the goal posts so you need to continually try new strategies in order to stay on top.


If you have any questions, ideas and experiences you’d like to ask/share, please feel free to leave a comment.

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