Etsy News: Sell On Etsy App

The current version of the Etsy app for Android will be the last that supports seller functionality. Etsy have released an updated version of the app last week.

The new Etsy Seller App
The new Etsy Seller App.

The Sell on Etsy app for Android has all the seller functionality currently available in the Etsy app and more.

We’ve recently bought a tablet PC (I know we’re late getting on-board 😉 ) and putting it together with this new app is great for managing Sue’s Etsy shop.No more having to

  • go to the room with the PC, switch it on and go make a cup of tea whilst the whole thing boots up;
  • fetch the laptop, find the battery has run out, having to find the cables and having to sit where it can be plugged (and of course not letting ones lap get overheated 😉 ).

Now, with the almost instant start up of the tablet, we can just pick the tablet up off the coffee table and get on with it.

Only one drawback so far, the quality of the camera. Picture clarity is great but the colour balance is not good.  So, we’re still having to use a separate camera but, its no problem to pop the SD card form the camera into the tablet. And of course, with handy photo and batch editing apps, sorting out the photos is no problem.

Batch Renamer, get from the Google Play store for free.
Batch Renamer, get it free   from the Google Play store .
Batch Image Converter, get from the Google Play store for free.
Batch Image Converter, get free from the Google Play store .

If you’d like to have a go at the new Etsy Seller App you can get here.

More from Sue soon.

To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at

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