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We’ve not been anticipating reaching 100 sales on Etsy until recently, when we noticed the counter creeping closer.  Yesterday that milestone arrived with the sale of “Pale Noon Shadow”, one of three assemblage art dresses made form pale blue cotton.

Sue opened her Etsy store on 25th December 2010, and her first sale, of an unnamed assemblage art dress, was on 20th January 2011.

1st sale
The first “unnamed” assemblage art dress sold on Etsy

Since then there have been many more assemblage dresses in many differing styles. But, being fond of reading, it wasn’t long before Sue started to draw inspiration for her creations from the classic novels she has read and, to name them after the heroines she discovered.

Elizabeth Bennet the main character from Pride and Prejudice

Sue has also taken inspiration from lesser known novels and classic children’s tales (can Alice in Wonderland be regarded as a children’s tale?).

The Dressmaker, a love story cut from the perfect pattern, by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck.
Going to meet the Mad Hatter, which little girl would not be made up to have a dress like this one.

In fact children’s tales would inspire Sue to create one of her most ambitious pieces – The Princess and the Pea.  This was a labour of love which, from the initial glimmer of and idea to completion, took several months. Sounds a bit like the Rapunzel idea, which has been threatening to burst to life for several weeks.

Created in between making other pieces, The Princess and the Pea was an idea for a long time.

And so, to the 100th sale.  Which turned out to be one of Sue’s more simple pieces.

100th sale
The 100th sale on Etsy, Pale Noon Shadow is a simple simple, white, pale blue cotton dress with a book paper stitched bodice.

Reaching the 100th sale has been quite a journey, made easier with the help of some wonderful people we’ve met along the way.  So, we’d like to say a big thank you, to everybody for their help and advice and to all our customers for supporting Messie Jessie.

100 Etsy Sales

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  1. And we’d like to say thank you for sharing your beautiful creations!
    Susan x

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