Fabric and paper miniature art dress and jacket Anna by MesssieJessie

Fabric and paper miniature art dress and coat -inspired by the film The King and I, by Rodgers and Hammerstein.
Measures: 29 cm wide, 30 cm high and 24 cm deep.

Inspired by this beautiful film, is this hand sewn dress and coat capturing the simple beauty of Anna. The jacket is made from soft white vintage handkerchiefs. The dress is made from taffeta and is very full taking the influence from Anna’s dresses in the film. Under the dress is an organza underskirt. Adorning the dress is a stunning piece of vintage jewellery.
The coat and dress have many intricate stitching and details.

King Mongkut: Gazing at the moon?
Anna: Yes, it is beautiful.
King Mongkut: As the sun rises, she will surrender the night, but she is always with him, even when he cannot see her.
Anna: It must be a great comfort for him.
King Mongkut: Yes.

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  1. Dianne Marcoux says:

    This is stunning one of my favorite for sure thanks for all the beauty you create ((( BIG HUGS )))

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