Free Desktop Wallpaper for September

Tentatively we’re back. Since January this year we’ve been struggeling with our internet connection. During the last 245 days our internet connection has been out of action or, running so slow as to be unusable for 106 days. The connection problems have worsened as the year goes on, reaching a peak in July, during which we had only 9 days out of the whole month when connection speeds were sufficient to get anything done. Optic fibre can’t come soon enough!

Where have we been for the past 5 weeks? Well, combining our dismal internet connection speed with my taking the most part of August off as my summer holiday; Sue and I decide we should slow down our online activity, including listing new items on Etsy, to take a rest. What did we do? We managed a few walks, grew our veg, put in a new stove and generally pottered around doing as little as possible. Having said that, we seemed to be busy everyday.

Anyway, following two engineer’s visits, our internet connection is now the fastest its been for over twelve months. Will it remain connected? we’ll just have to wait and see.

So to kick off the new season so to speak, here is the free desktop calendar for September. As usual, to make it your desktop wallpaper, left click the image to see a larger version, then right click that image and choose “SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND”.

Free September calendar desktop wallpaper. To make it your desktop wallpaper, left click the image to see a larger version, then right click that image and choose “SET AS DESKTOP BACKGROUND”.

If you would like to purchase any of Sue’s work, please visit our Our Etsy Shop. Our Etsy shop also has several other art dress assemblages for sale, we hope you enjoy viewing them. If you have any queries about this piece or any of the other pieces in our Etsy shop or, would like further information about Messie Jessie, please feel free to contact us via a “convo” through our Etsy shop or via e-mail at .

Dug up the potatoes and they’re real tasty 🙂

To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at

3 Replies to “Free Desktop Wallpaper for September”

  1. I just bought this very dress and I love it. Just lovely work.

  2. STUNNING gown I looooove it as I do all our work the color is fabulous, thank you so much for the desktop pic, it inspires me every day…

  3. Welcome back! Lovely wallpaper, of course. And don’t speak to me about dodgy internet connections!
    I must just say thank you for introducing me (as it were) to RoundTeam because it has made an enormous difference to my life, especially with my rubbish internet. Now I feel I’m retweeting fairly and can leave it to do its thing without having another stroke or going over the limit (not that I believe I ever was).
    Here’s to a lovely, productive and life-enhancing, earnings-inducing autumn for us all!

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