Georgia Ruth

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Georgia Ruth’s music by Tom’s brother Dewi. She’s a young welsh folk singer from Aberystwyth, West Wales.

Georgia Ruth
Georgia Ruth.

She is a singer, songwriter and harpist with a beautiful haunting voice. She has an album out “Week of Pines” and I love it I can listen to it none stop especially while doing my own work.

Winner of the 2013 Welsh Music Prize
Winner of the 2013 Welsh Music Prize

Last Saturday Tom and myself had the opportunity to see her and her band play, it was amazing. It was held in the Railway Club in Bangor. It was a great cosy venue lit with candlelight. I’m leaving a U Tube video of one of her songs for you all to listen to, I totally recommend it.


To find out more about her visit her web site

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  1. Hi, sounds like a fab night out..wish I’d gone myself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to sing well..never had that pleasure! I know enough about music to know how bad I sound 🙁

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