Getting Back to Normal

I’m finally feeling human again after London and the stomach bugs of stomach bugs.

The Bug - by Tom (feel free to download it, print it and stamp on it)

But, I must say it was great seeing my sister and the kids, she has seven! (I take my hat off to her. ) It’s taken about a week to get my self sorted, but Tom ‘s been great keeping everything going with the shop and blog and all things computing. I must apologise for wordless Wednesday last week as my brain was just not in gear :/

Anyway things are back to normal and Etsy has been quite busy. I’m using vintage tins at the moment and really enjoying working with them.

Vintage Tin With Moth
Vintage Tin With Moth - this one is only 4.5cm long, 3 cm wide when the tin is closed, 6 cm when open.

I get a lot of inspiration from a gorgeous little stall in our local car boot , you can visit their blog here “Anglesey Allsorts“. I could spend hours browsing through all the bits and bobs. I’ve posted pictures previously, but wanted to share some of my new finds.

Ladies leather gloves.
Another tin.
Another vintage tin.
A vintage cigarette case
A vintage cigarette case.
Some bits and bobs.
Some bits and bobs.

I’m excited about this little cigarette case, not sure yet how it’s going to end up yet, but I’m thinking of making it into a little book. Something special like a little treasure.


The weather is lovely outside so I’m off to potter and create.


To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at

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