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How do you get people to view your Etsy shop? Continuing the series of posts on how to earn with Etsy.

Firstly, how do people find your Etsy shop? Could it be?

• By going direct, typing in the web address or adding your shop to their favourites. But they already know about you and that won’t help you increase your views.

• You could pay for views but, these sorts of views are extremely unlikely to convert to buyers.

• You could pay for search adds on Etsy and elsewhere but, you’ve no real budget and for the volumes we’re looking at we can’t be sure they would gives us a realistic return on our investment.

So what is a simple and low cost way to get more views of your Etsy shop? Sue and I decided to blog about Sue’s work, her Etsy shop and ourselves. How would this help?

Blogging helps to generate interest in your work and you.
Blogging helps to generate interest in your work and you.

How many pages do you have in your Etsy shop, how often are you going to update your About page? You Etsy shop can be regarded as fairly static if, like us you are only chasing a moderate level of income and you’re not listing items which are easily replicated, meaning the major search engines are not likely to take much note.

Maintaining a regular blog will mean your web presence grows, you keep your audience up to date with where your work is headed and they also get to know you as a person. Posting regularly to your blog will also let the search engines such as Google and Bing know that you have an active website, causing them to check regularly for content you’ve published and they should share.

Every post you create is another indexed link from the search engines’ database to your site and an opportunity for you to push viewers to your Etsy shop.

Don’t forget the social networks I mentioned in my previous post. Every post you make to your blog can be shared, via appropriately placed buttons or directly, over Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest or any of your preferred social networks – spreading the word about you to a greater audience. Likewise, if you share your post via your own social network accounts this will draw people to you blog and onwards to your Etsy shop.

That’s it for now, more about blogging later.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, ideas and experiences you’d like share, please feel free to leave a comment.

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