Luned Rhys Parri

Pics of my work are on the way, Tom is dragging his feet.

Meanwhile I recently went on a workshop in Colwyn Bay,  run by Luned Rhys Parry and had a go at some sculpture using wire, paper, etc.  I really enjoyed the day, though as yet I have to finish my sculpture.  It’s a caricature of Tabby my youngest daughter, hence the hair.

Here’s a little extract from Luned’s CV .  “Luned Rhys Parri is a professional artist whose work is increasingly in demand from private collectors and galleries. In the past she has won numerous awards and has exhibited throughout Wales and further afield, most recently at Oriel Môn and at the Tegfryn Gallery in Beaumaris”  .  Luned doesn’t seem to have her own site(please leave a comment if you know better).

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  1. Hi,
    I wondered if you could pass my contact details on to Luned Rhys Parry. I have a Gallery in Hay on Wye and would be interested in showing her work. 01497 822 900.

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  3. I’m very sorry not to have responded sooner but I have been away. I hope you managed to find some info about how to make the figures.

    Anyway, I’ve quickly put some tips together and hope they will help:

    1.Keep it simple.
    2.Make a long oblong with newspaper(paper just scrunched together) and wrap with brown parcel tape.
    3.For legs and arms, a piece of garden wire bent double with an extra 4 – 5 inches of wire – wrap with paper and then tape to the required length of arm or leg – leaving the extra 4 – 5 inches of wire exposed.
    4.Feet – with a new piece of wire(again with about 2 inches extra), bend and make a foot shape. Cut a piece of card to required shape and attach the card to the wire then attach to the leg by twisting the extra wire around the leg , then tape it over. Pad the feet with newspaper and tape.
    5.Hands- with wire bend and make a mitten shape – then the same process as the leg.
    6.Head – scrunch newspaper to a head shape(again a simple shape) Bend a long piece of wire double like a “U”, put it around the head, place the wire over the head(so that head is in the bend of the wire – like it was sitting inside the “U”). Underneath where the chin would be, twist the loose ends of the “U” forming the neck. Wrap the extra wire around the body, attaching head to body. Don’t worry if it looks rough. No parcel tape over the wire.
    7.At this stage you should be able to bend figure in any position you want! When this is done papier mache the figure(just small pieces of newspaper and pva, with a little water added to the pva).
    8.When don, paint or add material for clothes – can also make paper clothes out of newspaper and add to figure.

    If you need help on a specific point, please get back to me.

    Good luck.

  4. vicky chance says:

    can anyone give me any tips about making these figures as I would like to try them out at school.

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