Miniature art dress Winter white by MesssieJessie

52.00 GBP

Small 30cm long, 20cm wide, paper fabric assemblage art dress.

A small art dress. The bodice is made from paper and beautiful vintage fabrics with a vintage lace on the bodice. The under skirt is a made from remnants of a vintage petty coat Lots of small details. Delicate but strongly and carefully made.
The hanger is included.

Carefully and lovingly packaged.

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  1. Hello there! I’m so in love with your work ? I have been challenged by a friend to make one in my own style. I’m excited to try but can’t seem yo figure out the upper body and torso. If you could give me a tip on what to use it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried to il let paper roll, rolled up.foil…lol

    Thanks in advance for any info!


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