Mixed Media Sculpture – “Oranges from China “

“Oranges from China”, the quote alludes to a Leonard Cohen song called Suzanne. This is the first of a series of handmade small mixed media and papier mache sculptures of different figures on little tea cups, each with it’s own story.

Mixed Media Sculpture - Primrose
Mixed Media Sculpture – “Oranges from China”.

I love using words and letting those words influence my art.  Tea cups are also something else I love, there is just something about the tea cup, the ceremony and history behind tea! Even the names of tea evoke different feelings, they’re beautiful “Lapsang Souchong”, “Cloud and Mist” and “Water Fairy”, I could carry on….. “Golden Marine Turtle”…….enough! But, they are just so gorgeous one more – “Golden Cassia”.

Mixed Media Sculpture – “Oranges from China”

 “A cup of Orange Blossom tea if you please”


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I normally take all the photos for the Etsy listing and blog post but on this occasion I invited a guest director.  However, he couldn’t quite get to grips with the subject matter and decided to leave it to me.

Right, lets have it over here lovies
Oh, never mind.

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