Technical Update (15) My Etsy App for Shop Owners for Facebook.

Techie stuff
Techie stuff

Long time no see!  How have you all been?  Facebook is the latest target but I did encounter a small probelm.

The MyEtsy app has been giving me a hard time, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times last night and still it was not fixed. Today I did the same and again no results.

So, I removed the app from everywhere I could see it – went through every facebook menu to make sure it was not there. Whilst doing this I came accross another, second Etsy app – the most recent one, the one for sending individual listings to facebook. I wondered if this second app was conflicting with the first so I deleted this as well. Then I went to Etsy and in my Etsy “appearance and info” settings I disconnected the new Etsy facebook app – the one for sending individual listings to facebook.

So, now I had no connections between Etsy and Facebook. Then I went back to Facebook and reinstalled the MyEtsy app for shop owners. It said it was installed for all applicable pages but I could not see it. Then I thbough I might Google a little more and came up with this set of instructions for making the MyEtsy app tab visible :

I found the solution.
“When I click on add to page. I get the notification that:
“This application is already installed for all applicable pages.”
But it never shows up in my page…”
But, today I found out, that when I am on my fan page
I can click on edit page on the right hand side and than have the options on the left hand side:
Your settings
Manage permissions
Basic Information
Profile picture
Manage admins

Clicking on Apps I found the Etsy App and than clicked edit settings>
Tab: Available (add )> clicked on add et voilá!
My Etsy shows up!
Good Luck!!!

Kind regards, Luciana a.k.a. Strelicious

I followed these instructions and hey! My Etsy store was back on my Facebook Page. After that I reinstated the links to Facebook via my “appearance and info” settings in Etsy and hey! That now works too.

Not sure if this is the answer for everyone but, it looks like that second Etsy app may have been interfereing with the first one and, uninstalling and reinstalling both rather than just the one was the answer for me.

Many thanks got to Strelicious!!!!!!

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