On Going Progress

The whole family is just getting over a horrbile head cold so, I’ve fallen a little behind shedule with my projects.

At the moment I’ve a few things on the go.  The first of which I need to complete is the commisioned piece. This is almost there and needs to be completed before the end of the week.

The Commision

The Princes and the Pea is another piece I am working on. I should be well underway with this by now but so far…

The Bed Frame
Now, Which One Should I Pick?

But, I think that both the commision and the Princes and the Pea may be taking second place to an experimental piece I’ve started to work on.  I’ve been looking up taxidermy and am totally inspired.  I’ve just discovered Polly Morgan, I absolutely love her work. If you do decide to look up Polly Morgan’s work, be aware that whilst striking and fascinating, it can be very powerful. Her web site does provide a warning before you enter. Having said that, it has given me plenty of ideas for birds and creatures.  At the mo I’m experimenting and trying to make a dormouse in a champagne glass, but I’m trying very hard to not make the dormouse look twee or too cute.

Embryonic Dormouse
Gathering My Thoughts Over A Mug Of Tea
He Looks So Comfortable

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  1. Thanks Linda 🙂

  2. Love the mouse!!! But adore the dress…it’s adorable!!

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