Paper and fabric miniature art dress Little Ida’s Flowers by Hans Christian Anderson by MesssieJessie

A paper and fabric miniature art dress. Inspired by the fairy story “Little Ida’s Flowers” by Hans Christian Anderson. 23 cm wide, 30 cm high and 10 cm deep

Inspired by this beautiful fairy story is this small delicate dress capturing the natural beauty of a magical garden, each flower anticipating the night ahead.
The bodice of the dress is made from strong cartridge paper which I have painted using acrylics. The skirt of the dress has many small intricate details using vintage fabric, small pieces of collaged papers and a touch of gold leaf. Under the skirt is a petticoat of fine tulle.

“I was in the garden out there yesterday with my mother,” said Ida, “but all the leaves were off the trees, and there was not a single flower left. Where are they? I used to see so many in the summer.”

“They are in the castle,” replied the student. “You must know that as soon as the king and all the court are gone into the town, the flowers run out of the garden into the castle, and you should see how merry they are. The two most beautiful roses seat themselves on the throne, and are called the king and queen, then all the red cockscombs range themselves on each side, and bow, these are the lords-in-waiting. After that the pretty flowers come in, and there is a grand ball. The blue violets represent little naval cadets, and dance with hyacinths and crocuses which they call young ladies. The tulips and tiger-lilies are the old ladies who sit and watch the dancing, so that everything may be conducted with order and propriety.”

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