Sleeping Beauty Assemblage

My latest assemblage art piece is a wire and papier mache Sculpture – 24cm wide, 35cm high and 18cm deep. Yes, its the long awaited Sleeping Beauty.

assemblage art sleeping beauty
A small princess, asleep for 100 years.

An assemblage art piece made from wire and papier mache, Sleeping Beauty has hair made from a soft linen material which is gathered and ruched, then falls into a long plait. Her nightdress is a beautiful antique Victorian lace cotton with an off white softer cotton underskirt. On the floor under her bed are her petite slippers patiently made from little pieces of paper .

assemblage art sleeping beauty
I wanted the colours of this piece to look timeless and from another world.

Now the bed, it’s also made from wire and papier mache and sits on a book as if coming alive from the story. The bed is made to look as if it’s part of a forest with lots of branches and leaves intricately entangled together. On the branches are small vintage pearl beads. At the head of the bed is a piece of costume jewelry which has small white pearly beads and is silver in colour. The mattress is made from a soft grey cashmere and has a white satin sheet with beads hanging down from each corner. The sheet has also been edged and has a row of beads sewn across.

Sleeping Beauty is an assemblage art piece I’ve been working on for 3 months or so, and now she’s finally finished. What next? Another assemblage art piece I started sometime ago was a piece called Rapunzel. I’ve started out on her a few times but, unlike Sleeping Beauty, she continues to be elusive. We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

Click here to visit my Etsy Shop to buy this piece. My Etsy shop has several other assemblage art pieces for sale; I hope you enjoy viewing them. If you have any queries about this piece or any of the other pieces inmy Etsy shop or, would like further information about Messie Jessie, please feel free to contact me via a “convo” through my Etsy shop or via e-mail at .

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments. Now its back to Rapunzel 😉

  2. Stunning, wow. TFS
    Hugz Tonniece

  3. Okay looking at the close ups I see its a chandler, and the little shoes such pleasure to my eyes…Thanks again…

  4. Exquisite, sensational, Love the tree the doll hanging there, the bed, oh my goodness, its truly amazing thanks so much for sharing this out of this world creation….

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