Assemblage Art Dress Made From Paper and Fabric – Cathy ( CathyEarnshaw – Wuthering Heights)

Carrying on with my theme of famous female characters from well known novels, here is the newest addition to the collection – Cathy.  I’m sure she needs no introduction, as you’ll recognise her from the title of this post.  But, in case you rushed in, Cathy is from Wuthering Heights, a novel by Emily Brontë published in […]

Technical Update (12)

Techie stuff I bet you’re all wondering where I’ve been, haven’t you?  Thought I’d been thrown out for posting images that didn’t “toe the editorial line” (I did come close)?  Nope, I’ve been bevering away in the background posting parcels, formatting pictures and uploading items, you know – doing the donkey work.  Can’t let Sue […]

Assemblage Without a Name

 So I’m back to creating and making.  I’m still experimenting with different ways of presenting my assemblage dresses.  For this one I’ve gone back to my experience of attending a workshop run by Luned Parry, as you can see from the photo this dress has a figure inside it.  The idea was to have the figure […]