Paper and fabric miniature art dress Little Ida’s Flowers by Hans Christian Anderson by MesssieJessie

A paper and fabric miniature art dress. Inspired by the fairy story “Little Ida’s Flowers” by Hans Christian Anderson. 23 cm wide, 30 cm high and 10 cm deep Inspired by this beautiful fairy story is this small delicate dress capturing the natural beauty of a magical garden, each flower anticipating the night ahead. The […]

Assemblage style Art Dress Made From Paper and Beautiful Patterned Soft Pinks Fabrics by MesssieJessie

Assemblage Art Dress Made From Paper and Fabric Small 30cm long, 16cm wide, paper fabric assemblage. A simple, white cotton dress with a paper bodice. The skirt of the dress is formed from beautiful pink patterned cotton. Decorated with small buttons. The hanger is also included. Delicate but strongly made. Click here to visit my […]

Art Assemblage Tin -Le Cirque

This art assemblage tin came about after my little trip around the net, looking for inspiration and ending up at the circus. The colours I chose for this piece were not my usual colour palette but, I felt the colours on the outside of the tin called for something flamboyant. Being 12 cm long, 6cm […]

Assemblage Art Miniature Ballet Dress

An assemblage art miniature ballet dress, always popular and, I love to make them when I find the right fabrics. I missed posting again yesterday, I’m busy trying to fill my shop ahhh. I’ve been so busy and working on a commission which I’m really pleased with.  I’ll be able to put photo’s of it […]