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Sarah Does Snowdon

Thanks to everbody who sponsored Sarah to reach the summit of Snowdon. She and her support team made the summit at approximately 11.00 a.m. on Saturday 28th July.

Sarah and Dewi at the summit of Snowdon.

Pleae view the slide show below to see how we got on. Click the i at the top right of the player for information about each image.

Sarah Does Snowdon

[img src=]4240Setting Out
In the Pen Y Pass car park at the begining of the walk. From left to right Megan, Sarh and Tabby. (with Dewi in the background)
[img src=]40Stripping Off
After a few minutes walking heat builds up under the waterproofs so off they come. It was raining as we set off but stopped shortly thereafter.
[img src=]40Dewi checks the weather
Sniffing the air Dewi attempts to judge whether he too should start stripping off.
[img src=]40The Sun Battles With The Clouds
Looking back down the Pyg track toward Pen Y Pass. The early morning sun never managed to get the upper hand over the clouds.
[img src=]40Bwlch Y Moch
End of the first section of the ascent. The girls take in the view over Llyn Llydaw toward the north face of Y Lliwedd
[img src=]40Striding Out
With Bwlch Y Moch behind us and on one of the few level streches Sarah and Dewi take the opportunity to put some milage under their boots.
[img src=]30An Alternative Route - Crib Coch
From Pen Y Pass there are three main routes to the summit - The Miners Track, lowest of the three (visible in later pics), The Pyg Track , the mid-level route and seen here Crib Coch, the higher of the three routes at 3000+ feet. (previously walked by Sue and me - brill scramble).
[img src=]30Crib Coch
One of the most spectacular scrambles in North Wales, here in close up is Crib Coch. It was a busy day and people qued to get past each other. Snowdon is now so crowded that it detracts from the pleasure of walking/scrambling there. Its like being on the high street on a Saturday afternoon. I have seen it said that Snowdon is the most visited summit in the world with 350,000 visitors per year. N longert the sort of place to find the big outdoors. But, having wandered all over the North Wales hills I know lots of other great walks and scrambles 😉
[img src=]40Planking
Yes, things come late to North Wales, the craze of planking being one of them. Here Tabby takes time out over Llyn Glaslyn, to "plank". The Miners Track can be seen running along the side of the lake below.
[img src=]40Break Time
Time for a snack. At this point Dewi generously offered to share his food with everyone. Nice try Dewi, get everbody to make your rucsack lighter 😉
[img src=]40Low Cloud
Low cloud meant that the summit was obscured for the whole of the walk. Shame, as a photo of the summit with the team in the foreground would have been a good shot.
[img src=]30Western Ridge of Y Lliwedd
Though the summit of Snowdon remained hidden, Y Lliwedd showed off its western ridge through the occasional break in the clouds.
[img src=]40A Money Tree?
Nearing the top of the Pyg Track we came across two of these; posts with coins embedded in them.
[img src=]20A Money Tree?
Of course we added our share, though what will become of it I don't know. I doubt there was more then £5 embedded in there.
[img src=]20A Money Tree?
Dewi thought it might pay for a round of beers in the pub at the end of the day.
[img src=]20Entering the Cloud Layer
Having passed the point where the Pyg Track and the Miners Track meet, Sarah and Dewi near the top of the path known as the Zig Zags. In the background can be seen Llyn Lydaw and Llyn Glaslyn. The Miners Track can be seen skirting the lake whilst the Pyg Track is furthewr up the slope just at the edge of the cloud cover.
[img src=]20The Top of the Zig Zags
The team reach the top of the Zig Zags and the disappear into the clouds.
[img src=]20The Top of the Zig Zags
The team reach the top of the Zig Zags, just i time to catch the train. The train runs from Llanberis to the summit. Despite there being only 500 meters left to go, Sarah was sorely tempted 😉
[img src=]20The Summit
Sarah soldiered on and with the rest of the team made it to a cloudy summit at approx 11.00 a.m.
[img src=]20The Summit
Sarah and Dewi stand proudly at the summit. Congrats Sarah, your mum would have been proud.
[img src=]10The Clouds Open
And if by some grand design, suddenly the clouds parted.<br />Looking West towards Rhyd Ddu.
[img src=]10The Clouds Open
The clouds parted only briefly.<br />Looking South towards Yr Aran
[img src=]10The Clouds Open
The clouds closed shortly after.<br />Looking East towards Y Lliwedd.
[img src=]10Done and Down
The clouds did close in again and the heavens opened. Most of the descent was made in the rain. And of course, as we enterd the finish area in the car park, the rain stoppped.
[img src=]20To The Pub For A Well Earned Drink
Everybody was damp and a little worn out, but soon revived by a mug of hot chocolate.
[img src=]20To The Pub For A Well Earned Drink
However, some elected for a beer, which appeared to not have the same restorative powers as the hot chocolate 🙂

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Never Too Late To Donate

Thanks to everybody who has donated so far. As you can see we’ve exceeded Sarah’s target but, if you’ve only just found out about Sarah’s trek to raise money(original post can be found here), don’t let that stop you from making a donation.

Sarah exceeds her target but don’t let that stop you donating. Click this image to visit her page and donate today.

The number of walkers has now increased and we should make a merry band. We’ve set a date and if all goes to plan we will be setting off from Pen-y-Pass at around 07.00 hrs (BST) on Saturday 28th July. The route we intend to follow is the Pyg Track, you can see it on the image below.

The route we intend to take.

Hopefully, if we have sufficient smart phones and reception we will be sending live updates to this blog on the day. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

Don’t forget its never too late to donate.

Thanks from the walkers,








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Update – Sarah’s Mountains

Just a quick up date on Sarah’s appeal efforts. If you remember she’s aiming to raise £100 pounds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, by hiking to the top of Snowdon next month.

Since I posted last week more people have been kind enough to support Sarah and have either made or plan to make monetary donations, including the Monday Art Group (Trearddur Bay).

Click here to donate

Others have supported Sarah’s appeal by passing on the message, tweeting, re-tweeting, blogging and “mentioning” on various social networks; yet others have said they are going to join us on the day, providing moral support by going up with us.

I had a quick word with Sarah last weekend, we hope that by using a smart phone we’ll be able to provide live updates of the trek, to this blog and possibly elsewhere. We’ll let you know about that nearer the time.

Meanwhile, please keep passing on the message and urge your friends to help us out, as you can see Sarah has almost reached the £100.

(You can donate money to Sarah’s appeal by visiting her page on or by clicking the image above.)

Thanks from the walkers,






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Sarah’s Mounatins

Sarah’s Mountain

My neice Sarah

At the age of 13, the time when many young girls look to mum for advice, guidance, support and understanding, Sarah lost her mum – Yvonne, to Multiple Sclerosis. Growing up is never easy but, over the highs and lows of the past four years, with the help of her dad(Dewi), Sarah has climbed her own personal mountain. Sarah is now a pretty, confident young woman, someone her mum could be proud of, someone who wants to give back and help others. So, Sarah is off to climb a real mountain!

Sarah’s Appeal

Multiple Sclerosis Society

In July I’m going to be climbing Mount Snowdon to raise money to give to the MS Society. I am donating to this charity because when I was 13 my mum died from Multiples Sclerosis (MS) and for the last 4 years I’ve been wanting to do something to give back to the M.S Society as they helped me a lot to understand what my mum was diagnosed with and they showed me how to cope. I want to be able to raise about £100 pounds for this charity so they can continue to help and support other people and families that are affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Thank you so much if you’ve donated. Even if it is just a small amount it will all mount up.

Sarah’s real mountain – Snowdon

Snowdon - highest peak in Wales (and England)

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, at an altitude of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level and the highest point in the British Isles outside Scotland. It is located in Snowdonia  National Park )Cenedlaethol Eryri) in the North Wales county of Gwynedd, and has been designated as a national nature reserve for its rare flora and fauna. To find out more about Snowdon try this Wikipedia page – Snowdon on Wikipedia.

Please Donate

Click here to donate.

Sarah’s aim is to raise £100 and she is more than half way there.  Please help Sarah conquer her “real mountain” by making a small donation. You can donate using all major credit cards or PayPal via the ( will accept as little as £2/approx  $3) account that Sarah has set up at or click the image above. If you are unable to donate money (we appreciate things are tight for lots of people right now) you can still help; by giving a few seconds of your time to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Digg or any other social networks, you may pass on Sarah’s appeal to someone who does have a little spare cash to give away.  Or, just by leaving an encouraging comment 😉


Don’t worry, Sarah will not be alone, both my brother and I have been roped in (forgive the pun) as guides for the day.  Unpaid of course!

Thank You

However you decide to help, thank you for taking the time to look at this post.




Dewi & Yvonne (Sarah's mum & dad on their wedding day)

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