Technical Update (21)

OK, my turn to apologies. Sue didn’t get a chance to post yesterday as, by the time she was ready, I had started fiddling with the site. So apologies to Sue and any visitors who couldn’t access the site for a couple of hours last night. Hopefully, after my tinkering, the site might load a […]

Technical Update (13)

Techie stuff Ooooh 13 , spooky…. Never mind that, far to much arty stuff going on here.  For all of you on the go, like your gadgets or would rather follow us via a different medium; we now have “follow” buttons for our Twitter and Facebook accounts.  You’ll find the links in the right-hand sidebar,under […]

Technical Update (10)

Techie stuff I’m trying out a new idea (well it is to me), a plugin by the name of CommentLuv.   This plugin will visit your site whilst you type your comment and retrieve your last blog posts which you can choose to include at the bottom of your comment when they click submit. It has been found to increase comments […]