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Technical Update (21)

Techie stuff

Back online.

OK, my turn to apologies. Sue didn’t get a chance to post yesterday as, by the time she was ready, I had started fiddling with the site. So apologies to Sue and any visitors who couldn’t access the site for a couple of hours last night.

Hopefully, after my tinkering, the site might load a little faster now (still more work to be done) and it may appear earlier in any relevant search engine listings.

If you think the site is loading faster for you (for me its much the same) please leave a comment and let us know.  If it is loading more slowly than before, then  a comment would be most appreciated.

Meanwhile, all should be back to normal tomorrow – resuming with Wordless Wednesday.


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Technical Update (18) – Back Online

Back Online

Well, the telephone company came around sooner than expected and have fixed the cable. Yippee!!!!! We’re back online.  Normal service should resume later today with a new listing on Etsy and additional info and images posted here on the blog.

Thank you for bearing with us.

Thank you for bearing with us.


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Technical Update (16) – Etsy Facebook App

Techie stuff


You know you love them so here’s another.

I’m not a big user of Facebook and only set up a Facebook Page in order to give people a choice of how they preferred to keep up with “what Sue did next” (sorry, given the theme of her most recent art dress assemblage, I couldn’t resist that 😉 )

If you visit the Messie Jessie Facebook Page  and have a look around, you’ll find its more or less a mirror of our blog and Etsy store content. As such Sue’s Etsy listings were automatically updated via the app provided by Etsy – My Etsy.

Our Etsy shop mirrored on our Facebook Page

The other day I happened to notice that the My Etsy app tab was not appearing so; I popped across to the Etsy forums to find out if anybody else was missing the app.  Turns out I’d missed a rather important announcement; the My Etsy app was retired on Tuesday 28th February. The My Etsy app was real handy and helped complete the Facebook Page I’d set up for Messie Jessie. I debated the future of keeping a Facebook Page – I didn’t relish the idea of having to manually update the page each time Sue added something to Etsy.

However, reading on I found there is a third party app available which does practically the same job as the now defunct My Etsy app. Its called Etsy Theme Shop and is free! (I love free 🙂 ). You can find it at . It is very easy to install, I didn’t have to undertake any preparation work, just click the button labeled “Visit Website”, follow the prompts and the whole process takes less than a minute. 

The alternative Etsy Theme Shop

Thanks to Jake for his work.

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Technical Update (15) My Etsy App for Shop Owners for Facebook.

Techie stuff

Techie stuff

Long time no see!  How have you all been?  Facebook is the latest target but I did encounter a small probelm.

The MyEtsy app has been giving me a hard time, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times last night and still it was not fixed. Today I did the same and again no results.

So, I removed the app from everywhere I could see it – went through every facebook menu to make sure it was not there. Whilst doing this I came accross another, second Etsy app – the most recent one, the one for sending individual listings to facebook. I wondered if this second app was conflicting with the first so I deleted this as well. Then I went to Etsy and in my Etsy “appearance and info” settings I disconnected the new Etsy facebook app – the one for sending individual listings to facebook.

So, now I had no connections between Etsy and Facebook. Then I went back to Facebook and reinstalled the MyEtsy app for shop owners. It said it was installed for all applicable pages but I could not see it. Then I thbough I might Google a little more and came up with this set of instructions for making the MyEtsy app tab visible :

I found the solution.
“When I click on add to page. I get the notification that:
“This application is already installed for all applicable pages.”
But it never shows up in my page…”
But, today I found out, that when I am on my fan page
I can click on edit page on the right hand side and than have the options on the left hand side:
Your settings
Manage permissions
Basic Information
Profile picture
Manage admins

Clicking on Apps I found the Etsy App and than clicked edit settings>
Tab: Available (add )> clicked on add et voilá!
My Etsy shows up!
Good Luck!!!

Kind regards, Luciana a.k.a. Strelicious

I followed these instructions and hey! My Etsy store was back on my Facebook Page. After that I reinstated the links to Facebook via my “appearance and info” settings in Etsy and hey! That now works too.

Not sure if this is the answer for everyone but, it looks like that second Etsy app may have been interfereing with the first one and, uninstalling and reinstalling both rather than just the one was the answer for me.

Many thanks got to Strelicious!!!!!!

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Technical Update (13)

Techie stuff
Techie stuff

Ooooh 13 , spooky…. Never mind that, far to much arty stuff going on here.  For all of you on the go, like your gadgets or would rather follow us via a different medium; we now have “follow” buttons for our Twitter and Facebook accounts.  You’ll find the links in the right-hand sidebar,under the heading “KEEP UP TO DATE ON THE MOVE”.

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Technical Update (10)

Techie stuff
Techie stuff

I’m trying out a new idea (well it is to me), a plugin by the name of CommentLuv.


This plugin will visit your site whilst you type your comment and retrieve your last blog posts which you can choose to include at the bottom of your comment when they click submit.

It has been found to increase comments and the community spirit for the thousands of blogs that have installed it. With a simple install you will immediately start to find new and interesting blog posts from your own blog and community.

So lets give it a  whirl and see what happens.  As usual please feel free to feedback – keep it or ditch it, via comment or e-mail (

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