Assemblage Without a Name

 So I’m back to creating and making.  I’m still experimenting with different ways of presenting my assemblage dresses.  For this one I’ve gone back to my experience of attending a workshop run by Luned Parry, as you can see from the photo this dress has a figure inside it.  The idea was to have the figure […]


Time for a little R&R before getting back into the swing of it.  I love being creative but sometimes its just nice to look and stare at what others can do. Thanks to all the contributors.  And, thank you Silver Tree Studios for the title : ) The moth and the moon. White Swans – […]


Wish You Were Here Been busy of late but, not on my artwork.  Its the summertime, the weather is fine and sis is here with her family. So, Ive taken some time out to charge my batteries.  Will post again soon.  Hope you had a good summer too! To purchase any of my art work […]