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You know you love them so here’s another.

I’m not a big user of Facebook and only set up a Facebook Page in order to give people a choice of how they preferred to keep up with “what Sue did next” (sorry, given the theme of her most recent art dress assemblage, I couldn’t resist that 😉 )

If you visit the Messie Jessie Facebook Page  and have a look around, you’ll find its more or less a mirror of our blog and Etsy store content. As such Sue’s Etsy listings were automatically updated via the app provided by Etsy – My Etsy.

Our Etsy shop mirrored on our Facebook Page

The other day I happened to notice that the My Etsy app tab was not appearing so; I popped across to the Etsy forums to find out if anybody else was missing the app.  Turns out I’d missed a rather important announcement; the My Etsy app was retired on Tuesday 28th February. The My Etsy app was real handy and helped complete the Facebook Page I’d set up for Messie Jessie. I debated the future of keeping a Facebook Page – I didn’t relish the idea of having to manually update the page each time Sue added something to Etsy.

However, reading on I found there is a third party app available which does practically the same job as the now defunct My Etsy app. Its called Etsy Theme Shop and is free! (I love free 🙂 ). You can find it at . It is very easy to install, I didn’t have to undertake any preparation work, just click the button labeled “Visit Website”, follow the prompts and the whole process takes less than a minute. 

The alternative Etsy Theme Shop

Thanks to Jake for his work.

To purchase any of my art work please visit my shop on Etsy or contact me by e-mail at

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