Technical Update (23)

Techie stuff

Just a quick note to let you know why Sue’s posting has been a bit haphazard over the past few days; we’re experiencing problems with our internet connection.

Our connection has become extremely unstable and at times we can barely connect (ah, how I remeber the good old days, when we were all exited about upgrading from 33.6 kbit/s to the wonderful US Robotics Sportster and a blistering 56 kbit/s. wish I’d never thrown it out).

Anyway our ISP is investigating. This consists of me gradually replacing (at my own expense) all the telephone related equipment in the house, with them testing each time I replace an item. Through experience I guess this will probably go on until there is nothing left to replace except their terrible modem. I’ve replaced most everything now so please bear with us, things should be back to normal soon (only the telephone to go).

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