Paid a visit to one of our local boot sales last week to see what was available. Saw some lovely things including some baby christening gowns, which would have made a fantastic embroidery project. Unfortunately I didn’t have any money left to buy them, I’d already spent my money on supplies for my next little collection of pieces.

Whilst I’m currently working on a new “Cathy” (sneak preview below) art dress, I have it in mind to carry the “Cathy” theme over into my new obsession – tins. An ample supply of which I obtained during the trip to the boot sale.

A new Cathy art dress.
Hope to get this new Cathy dress finished and listed tomorrow.

So that’s a sneak preview of the latest art dress, whilst below are some photos of my haul from the boot sale.

Vintage tins from the boot sale.
Still not sure which direction I will take with these.
But I'm still under the spell of Cathy.

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  1. The temptation for Cathy was just too much… I had to have her.
    Can hardly wait to see what you do with the tins!
    Susan x

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