Using Twitter To Gain More Etsy Views #5

Gaining views of your Etsy shop is obviously key to making a sale and there are many ways to do this. If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’ll know that Sue and I look to Etsy to earn a small additional income; we’ve no marketing budget and use free online tools and social media to spread the word, helping people discover our blog and Sue’s Etsy shop. This post is about how and why we use Twitter to help people find us.

Use Twitter to spread the word.
Use Twitter to spread the word.

For a fair while Sue and I worked at getting Etsy views by maintaining this blog, but in the autumn of 2011, Etsy launched their Connect Your Shop integration buttons aimed at sellers. What they offered was the chance to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Etsy shop. Click the Twitter button on your Etsy listing and it’s sent to your Twitter account. Others who view your Etsy shop listings can also click the button and send it to their Twitter accounts.

Use Etsy's shop integration buttons.
Use Etsy’s shop integration buttons.

We immediately added the appropriate buttons to Sue’s Etsy shop and I set up a Twitter account. Since then every new shop listing and blog post we’ve made has been tweeted via @messie_jessie__ As we reached a new audience we saw a definite increase in our Etsy views. But, there is more to Twitter than self promotion; beware over promoting on Twitter, it is likely to get you ignored or dropped pretty quickly.

Whilst we’ve found Twitter to be a great way to promote Sue’s work it has also introduced us to other artists and crafters. Twitter is a great place for meeting people, finding out what is happening and for sharing. And, that last part – sharing, is the key to using Twitter effectively to help people find your Etsy shop.

We regularly use Twitter to see what’s going on out there and when we find something we like we ReTweet it – we share it. Sharing gets you noticed! The original Tweeter will usually thank you and no doubt check out your profile. So what if they don’t buy anything? If they like what you do they may “follow” you and even return the favour by ReTweeting your work to their “followers”. That’s where the beauty of Twitter lies.

Its a chain reaction.
Its a chain reaction.

When another Twitter user ReTweets your tweet, it gets seen by all their followers, who in turn may Retweet it to their followers – imagine a chain reaction. For example, we currently have approx 1000 Twitter followers and say each of them has 100 followers each and each of their followers has 100 followers each, then each of our Tweets has a potential audience of 1,000,000 people. Like I said, we have 1000 followers and, it’s likely that many of these will have 1000’s of followers so; in reality the reach of a single Tweet is huge. If only a fraction of the potential audience for a single Tweet ends up viewing Sue’s Etsy shop then, the potential for a sale is that much greater.

So get on over to Twitter, sign up and make sure to add the Twitter buttons to your Etsy shop and anywhere else you can.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask, ideas and experiences you’d like share, please feel free to leave a comment.

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