Vintage Metal Case Assemblage Art – A surprise for Mr Darcy

This piece owes its existence to the shape and form of the tin.  Those three little compartments just suggested some sort of tray insert you might find in a trunk or chest of drawers.

Measuring only 12.5 cm long by 7.5 cm wide, this little tin could be discretely passed to Mr Darcy by Elizabeth

Regency fashion is unlike anything either before or since. The styles of the era depend far more on the natural shape of the human body and far less on boned corsets and hoops. The silhouette was slender, and critics were shocked that one could see the shape of ladies’ limbs beneath the fabric.

One hears rumors that certain “ladies” damped their petticoats to accentuate this revealing style, and that some dandies wore their knee-breeches so tightly form-fitting that they couldn’t sit down – but it’s always the friend of a cousin who’s doing this.

No doubt Mr Darcy would have looked puzzled at first.

So even if Elizabeth Bennet’s wedding trousseau may not have contained such items, the ladies of the time do not appear to have been beyond being “risque”. Can you imagine the look of surprise on Mr Darcy’s face if she had slipped such a tin into his hand during one of their trysts.

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  1. You never cease to amaze me… this is just fabulous!
    Colette xo

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