Wire and Papier Mache Sculpture – Red Riding Hood

Another fairy tale inspired piece, this time from the brothers Grimm.  This is my twist on Red Riding Hood – the wolf is her companion.

Red Riding Hood walks through the night time forest

This wire and papier mache sculpture stands 28cm wide, 33cm high and 22cm deep.

Red Riding Hood with her companion

The figure is made from wire and papier mache, accompanied by the trees and her wolf she rises out of the book from which they are formed. Her hair is made from a soft viscose material which is gathered and ruched, then falls into a long plait. Her dress is 100% cream silk, with three buttons down the side. Flowing behind her, the vibrant red cloak is also 100% silk.

To find out more about the authors – the brothers Grimm and the fairy tale, try these Wikipedia pages – the authors or the fairy tale. If you would like to read the fairy tale, you’ll find it along with other fairy tales freely available in Kindle format and many more, here at the wonderful Project Gutenberg .  If you’ve lost your copy of the fairy tale and want to replace it or would like to buy a hard copy, try Amazon – Little Red Riding Hood

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