Wordless Wednesday (81)

Sue is away to Chester today – helping a bride prepare for her big day. So, I’m stepping in with a Wordless Wednesday.

Well, maybe not so wordless 🙂

As Sue is having a ballerina phase I thought I’d give her a treat and introduce her to some of the most famous the world has known. Can you recognize them? To help you, under each photo you’ll find an anagram of the ballerina’s name. And if your rally stuck, jusy hover your cursor over the image and the “image title” of the photo – the name of the ballerina, should appear.

Have fun 😉


Alessandra Ferri
Airfares Snarled
Ana Pavlova
Lava Nova Pa
Anneli Alhanko
Anneal Khan Oil
Gelesey Kirkland
Enlarged Key Silk
Margot Fonteyn
Footman Gentry
Maria Tallchief
Familiar Chalet
Maya Plisetskaya
I am a keys as aptly
Suzanne Farrell
Unreal Snarl Fez

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